Mrs. Carey’s Class Rules and Regulations

Welcome! I hope all of you enjoyed your summer. I wanted to share some of my rules and expectations with you and your Parents/guardians.

Expectations: I will expect a lot from you; and you should expect a lot from me! I expect you to ask questions or make time to come and see me when you don’t understand the material. All material will carry forward to the next chapter. What to expect from may come in before school for help…as I am generally at the school by 7:45...I'm also available during seminar.

I believe in a structured environment to teach and learn. I believe it takes “responsibility and hard work” to get good grades. You can study for each test by studying previously assigned problems…these are problems that make up your test! All the questions for the semester test are taken from previous chapter tests…we will keep the tests in a portfolio at school…this way the students will have the tests to study at the end of the semester.

Be Responsible with your assignments. You will be docked at least ½ credit for any late assignment. You will contact your parent/Guardian for all late assignments after the first one. You will need to complete all late assignments during seminar/or come in early in the morning the next day.

Make-up work: I expect makeup with to be handed in on time. You get one day for everyday you are gone, plus one day. If you are going to be gone for a school event (sports, field trip, music concert, etc.), you need to turn the work in the day after you miss class…basically it is due on time!!!! To access daily notes from the calendar....see page on left side bar.

Computers: I expect you to use computers during class when I ask you to use them….other times, they will be put away.

On task: I expect you to participate during class discussion and examples. I expect you to take notes…these notes will help you know “how” to complete your assignment. Daily notes will be attached to the school calendar I have shared with you. Participation results in “participation slips”…these will be put into a drawing to win 2 “1/2 assignment coupons”.

Respect: I expect you to show respect to me and your classmates. This includes refraining from using your cell phone during class. Please respect me enough not to text during class. I will give you one warning, and then the phone will be taken away from you until the end of the day.

Safety: My classroom will be a safe environment. It is safe for from any physical for the language we choose to speak and use.

Communication: I am a firm believer in communication. I will contact guardians with any concern
Calculator: You will need a scientific calculator for my Pre Algebra or Algebra class.